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Rosalind Silver Chrome Nail Powder

Rosalind Silver Chrome Nail Powder

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How to use

1. First, polish the nail surface to be smooth. This is your first step in any nail art making.
2. Apply black/white coat and cure it with a UV/LED lamp. Then Apply non wipe top coat and cure it dry with a UV/LED lamp.
3. Use the sponge stick provided with the product to wipe the powder on the nail surface repeatedly until the mirror effect appears.
4. Apply top coat.
1. Apply base coat to get a better mirror effect. Base coat can be any kinds of UV/LED gel polish. You need to have a UV/LED Lamp when you apply the base coat or top coat.
2. Different wiping methods can achieve different mirror effects.
3. The mirror powder needs to be rubbed on a thin layer. Too thick will affect the mirror effect.
4. After the mirror effect is done, it is necessary to apply the top coat of UV/LED nail gel. The topcoat layer of nail gel can make the mirror effect shinier and last longer.
5. The color of the mirror effect depends on the color of the primer you are using. You can try to get a different mirror effect by using a different color of the base coat.
6. It is recommended to practice on the practice tip.

Color may differ to photo - sensitivity

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