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Wendy/Charm Limit Polygel / Acryl Gel 15ml

Wendy/Charm Limit Polygel / Acryl Gel 15ml

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Polygel is a hybrid nail polish formula originally created for nail technicians (although there are now at-home kits on the market). It offers the best qualities of acrylics and gel nails. Essentially, it's a nail enhancement made with acrylic powder and clear gel that can be used to give you the perfect set.

“It is gel-based in terms of its consistency and texture, but a bit thicker.” When properly applied, polygel nails do not break easily. In fact, they're strong and flexible, despite feeling lighter than other solutions like hard gels. Their flexible nature also makes them more durable as time passes.

PolyGel is not a soak off gel so the best way to remove it is by filing it off. Because it is a soft gel, it is very easy to file off using an e-file or by hand, but when removing, it is not necessary to file off the entire product.

File your nails. This helps smooth any ragged edges so you start with a smooth surface that enhances lasting power.

Choose the dual or nail forms that fit your fingers. This is an optional step, as you can also overlay the polygel on natural nails. If you do to use a dual form, your kit will likely come with different sizes. Some shapes are curvier or flatter than others, but try to match the form with your nail accordingly. "For a more natural nail look, match the dual form to the nail bed and cuticle line,” Gonzalez-Longstaff advises.

Apply your base coat and cure it under an LED light. The amount of time underneath the light will depend on your kit, but a good rule of thumb is 60 seconds.

Dip your brush in the included slip/alcohol-based solution. This is an important step, as it allows you to move the polygel around on the dual form (or natural nail) without the gel excessively sticking to the brush.

Squeeze polygel on the dual form or nail. Using your brush, spread the polygel on the dual form evenly and sculpt it into the desired shape.

If using a dual form, press the polygel coated dual form on your nail to adhere.
Cure your nails underneath the LED light to set the polygel.

If using a dual form, remove it.

Cut, file and shape your nails to your desired look.

Apply the top coat and cure your nails under the LED light one last time.

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